Why Words Matter: Rhetorical Devices

To have and to hold.

In my last post I discussed grabbing your audience quickly. But that leaves one important question: How?

By using time-tested combinations of sounds to create phrases that interest your audience, you can engage them quickly and often on an entirely unconscious level. These tools are called rhetorical devices. They are the purview of poets, lyricists, novelists, journalists … and you.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to review your entire high school English curriculum. In my opinion, bloggers need to know only four rhetorical devices to create engaging prose. I’ll give you their names, but you don’t have to remember those if you don’t want to. Just remember how these tools work and you’ll be on your way to better, more interesting blog content.

The top four blogger-friendly rhetorical devices are:




Rhyme (all kinds); and



Why Use Rhetorical Devices?

Rhetorical devices work because the human brain likes patterns. Each of the devices above involves creating a pattern of sounds by using words that are similar in some way.

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